What we do


With our expertise in development and your financial support, we’re able to match the right investor with the right deal and complete a profitable investment for both parties.


Our acquistions team is trained to identify the right property and investment with today’s new zoning laws. We deal with and understand the city’s new regulations that get passed daily.


Extensive knowledge and background in multi-family architecture, engineering, interiors, and expediting. From residential and commercial to co-living, we are familiar with great quality, style, and Los Angeles’ every-changing zoning codes and regulations.


Specializing in ground-up construction, concrete, subterranean, and hillside foundations. We have an in-house construction management team has the experience to avoid unforeseen problems and can assist you with all of your construction needs.

Who We Are

We Are A Full-Service Real Estate Group

Over the last 25 years, American Team Properties has helped investors and property owners with consulting and development services to better their investments. The founders of ATP Development, Sergio & Sandra Alvarez, with over 10,000 properties closed, have helped and supported the small investors to the well experienced savvy venture capitalists.